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at 20 yet matured, a little. >> thanks to everyone who responded. we love hearing your comments on all our stories. keep sending your tweets to us at "fox friends first." >> f"fox & friends" starts righ now. we certainly hope you have a great day. >> take care. >> it's wednesday the 21st of august, 2013. i'm in for gretchen carlson. killed for the fun of it? a promising 22-year-old athlete killed by three teenagers who told cops they were just bored. where are al sharpton, jesse jackson and the president now? >> the terrified moments when a gunman walks into an elementary school with an ak-47. >> i heard him say empty everything, put the gun on the table, take his wallet off, everything and told him to lay on the floor. >> how the school clerk, whose voice you just heard here may
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have saved everybody's life with her quick thinking. you will hear her coming up in moments. the artworks sparking controversy in the halls of one high school. this morning, we have big update. we'll share it with you, because f"fox & friends," according to steve's alarm clock, starts right now. >> beep beep beep. >> that goes to show how little you know of me. alarm clock? i've got four. >> you do have four? >> usually only one has to go off. >> yesterday, something happened, the use was off in our neighborhood, when i woke up to my phone ringing, all the alarm clocks were blinking at midnight. had it not been for my trusty phone, this dinosaur -- >> you would have been an al roker? >> which part? he's been in the news quite a
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lot lately. >> i'd go for the oversleeping part. >> you worked over the weekend through this. now, you're going on the road again. first, you have three hours of news to get through. >> that's right. we start with our headlines. two minutes after the hour now. brand new details of a school shooting. they are all safe after a gunman opened fire tuesday. the 800 students at the mcnair academy running for their lives. this is a look at the suspect. a 20-year-old that reportedly slipped through security. now, we hear from the heroic school clerk who talked the shooter down. >> he had a backpack full of ammunitions. he had all the magazines in his backpack. some of them was in his pocket. i had him to empty everything, put the gun on the table, take his wallet off, everything and told him to lay on the floor and i told police he was giving
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himself up and i just talked him through it. >> what a brave woman. hundreds of parents eager to be reunited with their kids at a nearby wal-mart as school buses pulled up. tears began to flow. he's charged with aggravated assault on a police officer and terrif terroristic threats by a convicted felon. and this happened in mid-down manhattan and dr. oz who has an office nearby and two other men rushed in to help a woman who lost her foot. it happened close to fox and fashioned a tourniquet for her leg before paramedics got here. >> there was a dog leash and belt. two mundane things you wouldn't think of and they saved her life for the two of them to stop the bleeding because you don't have much time. >> the 23-year-old remains in the hospital in critical condition. as for the man behind the wheel,
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police gave him a summons because he was unauthorized to drive that cab. in extreme weather alert, while you were sleeping, a destructive wildfire on the outskirts of theo simty national park the yosemite national park. about 200 senior citizens were evacuated from a nearby camp. the cause of the fire was under investigation. fire-fighting costs around the country are reaching a billion dollars now. a high school in georgia made artwork that says "god is dead" to hang on its walls. this morning, a big victory by people of faith and it has been pulled down now. >> it seems to me if the school is going to say we do not have religion in school, we do not have it through the academic part of things, if you're not going to teach god and not going to teach the good of god, i
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don't believe you should be blastering god is dead, satan lives, there's no heaven, there's only hell, it doesn't sound like a very positive thing for kids to come in and see. >> the school had defended the artwork as being inspired by the play "the crucible." the question is why would they keep that up for a period of time and not have a any -- although they did have, in god we trust at one place in the school. nonetheless they did the right thing. five minutes after the top of the hour. >> you talk about random, you're a young baseball player, decide to go visit your girlfriend, you're from australia, 22 years old, you know what, i should probably go for a run. you would think that's a benign activity by somebody in oklahoma and that activity ends with you sweating and taking a shower. something happened in between. >> id did indeed.
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you're looking at a picture of chris lane, goes to school in oklahoma. you're right. he had been visiting his girlfriend in dunkin, oklahoma. what happened was he went jogging and he was out, just down the street and three young men who were sitting outside a house saw him jog by and said, let's go after him. and they followed him. those young men. they shot him in his back with a .22. it was completely random. he is dead. >> 15-year-old james francis edwards junior and 16-year-old luna, the one who allegedly pulled the trigger on this poor guy here, .22 caliber revolver both in jail with no bond and the alleged driver, michael jones, 17 years old in jail on a million dollars bond. what we're hearing one of them posted on their facebook page, bang. two hours and two drops. what's happening there is, you know, could there have been more?
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in fact, a prosecutor in the courtroom called them thugs and said they may have been on a killing spree and we could have had more dead bodies if they hadn't been apprehended. >> listen to this. the reason, we were bored and decided to kill somebody, what they evidently told police. >> apparently 15-year-old james edwards junior danced and laughed as he was taken to the police department, the young man far screen left. it's mr. luna we believe is the suspect in actually pulling the trigger. a allen west has a good question. it was post ed he tweeted this. quote, we were bored and decided to kill someone, three black teens shoot white jogger. who will president of the united states identify with this time? >> there were a lot of people tweeting about this including the guy on the facebook page him holding a gun.
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laura ingram says will they comment three teens charged with first-degree murder? how many times did we hear trayvon was shot for walking while black and this teen wyoun was shot while jogging. >> there's jesse jackson screen left, al sharpton screen right. we haven't heard anything from them yet. will we? we should. wouldn't you agree? e-mail us, on the internet, "wall street journal" brand new report today revealing almost every click you make on the web while the spy agency is there. to the tune of maybe 75%. live in washington with the latest, hey, elizabeth. >> good morning, guys. you're right. watch where you click or what you write in your next e-mail. the "wall street journal" publishing a report that paints a picture of a much more
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expansive network at the national security agency. how big are we talking? the capacity to have access to three-fourths of all web traffic. the goal of the program is to capture suspicious information that could be on the web, designed to look for communications that either originate in or and abroad. in that very broad attempt, they could be picking up your web mail traffic. the former top intelligence officials quoted in the article said it's a very complex filter that takes place at major internet junctions within the u.s. the fact the government has access to track the activity in the first place does make a lot of people very uneasy. take a listen. >> one of the problems with the nsa's talking points is that the nsa has, for a very long time, used word games, when it describes authorities publicly. those word games are based upon very strange and unordinary definitions the nsa assigned to some of the words that they use
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to defend their programs. >> in the "wall street journal's" report, the nsa does defend its practices. a spokeswoman says it's a very legal and respectful of americans' privacy. i she writes if americans communications are inadvertently collected during the process they use minimization procedures approved by the attorney general and used to protect the privacy of united states persons. you learned last week we did learn the nsa breached privacy rules and overstepped its authority thousands of times. >> new revelations. >> i wouldn't be surprised if people weren't watching us right now. >> i don't think anybody's watching. well, let's see, until sinbad gets out here who's in this building. did you know a-rod was
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suspended by baseball for 211 games and said i'm lawyering up and by the time the appeal happens the season will be done and his colleagues and perhaps some in the yankee front office and teammates saying wait a second, why does he get to play through this entire thing, basically everybody knows he's guilty. it is true everybody built this in the process. they're upset the yankees getting back into this thing, the guy seems to be clear and overwhelming evidence is still playing. sunday night we know the reason most of us were up late, a classic game between yankees and red sox. ryan dempster threw the ball at him and the last time he hit him, they suspended dempster for just five games, with a few off in between he does not miss a single start for throwing at a player. does that seem fair? >> doesn't everybody know a-rod is guilty? a-rod has already apologized to
3:12 am
his own teammates. a-rod is playing while ryan dempster is out. >> usa with a report today exclusively on the table for major league baseball to put an end to the chicanery and circus has 150 game offer on the table. take the suspension. 60 games less than we gave you and let's call it a day. instead, he's got joe tacopina, known famous for representing some mobsters. he is out there -- >> a prominent new york attorney. >> joe tacopino saying he will sue major league baseball and the yankees for misdiagnosing his hip injury and going on the offensive. this is the story for november. >> is this a black eye for the yankees, too? new york is fed up with a-rod. >> he's at war with yankees, yankees are at war with their player.
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major league baseball is at war with their player. meantime he's playing and doing well and yankees are back in the playoff hunt. it is george steinbrenneresque and back in the playoff hunt. >> and a lot of money on the table. >> yankees use it on other people. >> on this wednesday, straight ahead, coming up, an accused terrorist involved in september 11th now having a meal meltdown in court. why he's demanding certain condime condiments. will we give them to him? the latest on that. ding-dong, at your front door, obamacare, are they snooping on you? what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed.
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obamacare may soon be knocking at your door literally. a brand new program will spend $224 million to send government home inspectors to your house saying the program will help at risk kids. is it snooping in on your family? stewart varney says, yes, it is. >> this is a new opportunity for the government to snoop on you, greater opportunity for an intrusion directly into your home and the way you raise your children. this is the -- >> define what the home snooper is going to do. >> you can knock on the door. ding-dong, here we are. unannounced, a random visit. if you have certain risk factors associated with your home -- >> i'll be at home. you be the obama snooper. what are you going to ask me. >> good morning, mr. -- what's your name? >> good morning mr. doocy.
3:18 am
i understand you use tobacco in your house, you have young children in your house. may i come in and take a look around? your child is at risk. good morning, mr. doocy, i believe you are a gun owner, registered or otherwise. i'd like to come in and check out the security arrangement for your children in your house. by the way, taxpayers are going to pay for this intrusion into your home and your privacy and how you raise your children. >> my first inclination would be to answer none of your damn business. the government doesn't take that for an answer? >> no, it does not because you have placed your children at risk, therefore you are subject to a random unannounced inspection of your home by the obamacare people. >> that information whether there's a smoker in the house or you own a gun that will now go into a federal database. >> that is correct, along with other data about you and your family. you now have this opportunity for intrusion directly into your privacy. to me, this is the exact
3:19 am
opposite what america stands for. surely america is individual, liberty and freedom, not the intrusion by the government knocking on your door wanting to inspect your property. that's a big deal. in that is outrageous. >> it is. >> to track down smokers and gun owners and mapped somewhere. >> a whole bunch of others. if your child does not have the right educational attainment level, maybe we'll knock on the door because maybe you're home schooling, maybe you're not doing right by the child. $224 million a year, by the way, from taxpayers. >> fantastic. he's going to be talking about this later on his program on fox business 9:20 eastern time. >> thanks very much. should just slam the door in their face. snooper-time. hillary clinton hyping a potential run for president. is it too much too soon? a clinton confidante up next
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luna. 23 minutes after the hour. hope you're doing all right. quick head lines for you. the accused shooter in the ft. hood massacre may testify when court begins in about three hours. because he's representing himself he can't make a statement. only ask himself questions and then answer them. check this out. oh, boy. that happened in russia. a deer statute, thankfully just
3:24 am
a statute, a little too tall to make it under that bridge. over to you. >> they loved it. from first lady to senator to secretary of state. hillary clinton seems to be jumping into the political fray these days once again possibly starting a 2016 campaign in 2013. some critics already says it's too much too soon. here to weigh in is the presidential producer of both clinton inaugurals and may be doing a third if there is one. welcome. >> thank you very much. >> firstoff, we know the former secretary of state and first lady is making a series of policy speeches and many are saying this is the beginning of a presidential run. is it too soon? >> no. hillary clinton has spent a lifetime discussing issues and she's sought after for that purpose and that's the reason she is out speaking. it really is not connected to a presidential run when you've done what she's done in public life and when you're sought after the way she's sought after
3:25 am
naturally speak up. >> for example when secretary of state con deleaoleeza rice lefte wasn't out making speeches. >> i don't know whether she was asked to. >> you're saying hillary clinton is just responding to the requests? >> i think not only that, she is internationally known for speaking out on certain things. every time she took a trip as secretary of state, there was also a speech that she'd make at a university involving women and girls related to the diplomatic things. >> some say it's too much. robert gibbs the former press secretary for president obama says he's floored she's coming out like this. karl rove weighed in on this very topic. >> she's way out in front. she's highly visible, doing it a lot. you cannot sustain that pace for three years and then pop up in late 2015, early 2016 when
3:26 am
people start paying attention to the primary season and sound like you have something new to say. it's hard to be the front-runner from the beginning to the end without making a lot of mistakes along the way. she's not only accepted the crown of front-runner, she's doing everything she can to highlight it. >> do you agree? >> no. i don't think you can view hillary's activities in immediate terms, in terms of whether she's tiring people or not tiring people. she's going to speaking out because she's interested in speaking out and because people want to listen to her. this can't be viewed just in terms of television. >> even though it maybe doesn't -- you don't think it's her intention, that could be the way it's perceived because if you don't go away, i'll give you another example it's been reported, too, the obama camp is not happy because it's making a president in his last four years a lame duck president by definition lamer quicker. he's only 300 days in and people are already saying, have we turned a page yet, at least
3:27 am
other democrats are. >> i think the republicans will not let him get away with just a relaxed part of his term. i don't think hillary clinton is the problem as far as his status is concerned. essentially, he's had numerous opposition to his entire time to being president. that will continue. >> how shocked would you be if she does not run? >> very. you expect her to? >> no. but you just asked me a different question. >> you'd be shocked if she doesn't run. >> i would be shocked. you know something, this is a decision she has to make with her family. i know it is something she's considering and hasn't decided yet what she wants to do. >> thanks so much, tom. great insight on the next step for the clintons. they're always fascinating. we'll see. 27 minutes after the top of the hour. let's talk about the white house. 41 years later, miami dolphins finally get their special honor at the white house. three players are missing from the picture. why they refused to meet the
3:28 am
president, evidently. plus, remember this infamous moment between kanye west and taylor swift. >> taylor, i'm really happy for you. i will let you finish, but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. one of the best videos of all time. >> yeah. by the way, the president called him a jackass after all that. this morning she just posted something on instagram that may start the fight all over again. game on. ♪ ♪ turn around barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ for our so slimming jeans. meet our instantly slimming, secretly shaping
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3:33 am
starbucks near you. i can't believe they can do it this quickly. different when you have your face on a cake or cookie? >> do we really need our faces on this? >> my daughter, caitlin, is the only one i know with her own picture on her screen saver. >> what did you think? >> she said she looks cute. i agree. do we need the starbucks line any longer and slower? my goodness. sorry, sir, your latte picture looks a little blurry. i have to do it again. >> we have to readjust your ponytail. >> that's what's going on in this news. we're not done reading the news because we have minutes to fill. >> no. we have serious stuff to tell you about. students who attended a mass shooting yesterday about to head back to class as we get news about a gunman. live in atlanta with the very latest. good morning.
3:34 am
>> reporter: good morning. it's been a harrowing 24 hours for some metro atlanta parents. yesterday, they dropped their elementary students off at mcnair discovery learning acade academy. with the faith they'd be safe. that faith ended at one:20 a.m., when this alleged gunman walked in with an ak-47. as officers swarmed the campus outside, he shot at them. hill eventually surrendered without incident. no one was injured. parents ended up picking their children up from a nearby walmart parking lot. bomb squads sur rounded the home where hill had been staying and no other explosives were found in the home. the woman who owns the house said hill had been staying there since his apartment burned down a couple weeks ago. >> i don't know.
3:35 am
his mom was around the corner, she died. he was very troubled. i'm happy no kids were hurt and just happy he's off the streets, if all that could happen, he could have done something to our family. we don't know what happened. >> students are returning to school this morning. they're not returning to the school where this all happened yesterday. they are going to mcnair high school, a nearby high school for the day. i just talked with the superintendent of schools here. he said he's hoping that only lasts for a day. they are trying to keep things as normal as possible. that's about 800 students, 70 staff members returning to school this morning not to the original school but a different school for the day. no one was injured and parents, staff, students and the metro atlanta community are relieved about that. reporting live in atlanta, tacoma perry, fox news. >> thank you very much. >> a lot going on.
3:36 am
meanwhile, this school clerk's quick thinking may have saved everyone's lives at the school. take a look. let's hear from her. >> he had backpack full of ammunition. he had all of the magazines in his backpack, some of them was in his pocket. so i had him to empty everything, put the gun on the table, take his wallet off, everything. and told him to lay on the floor. then i told the police he was giving himself up. i just talk him through it. >> antoine tte, tough lady ther. can you imagine that situation? i can't imagine doing that. >> she was in the front office when he walked in. she said, come on, i want to have a word with you. it could have been a very bad situation. good for her. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. more headlines for you. the man who could have been the 20th hijacker having a meal meltdown in court.
3:37 am
ramsey one of those at yesterday's hearing and took that complaint to the judge he isn't getting olives and honey with his lunches at gitmo. he says that's psychological torture. he was going to hijack one of the planes for 9/11 but denied a visa four times and being treated for schizophrenia. a 5-year-old boy in washington state being hailed a hero for saving his father's life. he didn't panic when his father had a stroke behind the wheel. grabbed the phone, called 911 and guided officers to the location and officers found him when he told them about a train. his dad is said to be in stable condition at a nearby hospital. he continues to survive his own political scandals. that's not stopping charlie rangel from throwing stones
3:38 am
saying he would be ashamed to introduce eliot spitzer as a colleague after he resigned for paying high end escorts for sex. congressman rangel was censored on the floor for failing to pay his taxes even though he was head of the ways and means complete overseeing taxes. spitzer is in the lead so far. kanye west stormed the stage at the mtv video music awards. >> taylor, i'm really happy for you. i will let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. one of the best videos of all time. >> good thinking. >> swift's tour mate, ed sheran, just posted a photo on instagram of a homemade jar of jam that
3:39 am
included a dig at the rapper. it reads, yo, ed. i'm really happy nor you and i'm going to let you finish but this is the best jam of all time. both swift and wester expected to attend this year's music awards sunday on mtv. >> i forget beyonce's face when they had the close-up of her. she looked so mortified. all right. >> you would do the same thing for me if i lost when i was up for an award. >> the best video of all time. 41 years later, the 1972 champion champions of the dolphins go to the white house. thanks a lot. the only undefeated team in nfl history. they did not start making visits until the 1980s. three refused to attend who all said the obama administration had views drastically different from theirs. have you ever wondered what it would be like what ryan
3:40 am
lochte do if he was not filming his show. he's making the most epic pizza delivery swimming in the hudson. why is that? swimming with a backpack of bizsa combos. no word how the combos tasted after the swim. we went to him for a comment but he was laughing too hard. coming up next, kilmea kilmeade & friends. matt walker, james francis from brain games and melissa francis. you can listen on i don't wear those head-sets anymore. >> the hudson river is so dirty they say when you get out, the hudson beard. >> really? didn't you do that? >> yes and i had the hudson beard. a major buzz kill just
3:41 am
revealed the beer that likely will send you to the emergency room. please don't let it be pabst. he's been making us laugh for years. >> we're ready. there it is. >> well, he's here. sinbad continuing to make a stop this morning, making a pitstop. >> good to see you. ♪ for ♪ me in onsize: mug. stay grounded with the rich, bold taste of maxwell house coffee. always good to the last drop. of maxwell house coffee. why do people count on sunsweet prune it's made only fromn the prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me.
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reinforced with scratch- resistant glass and a unibody made kevlastrong. okay google now. call my droid. the new droid ultra by motorola. when strength matters, droid does. five quick headlines now if sinbad would quiet down. new details on the latest health scare for joe biden's son, barack obama. the attorney general is being evaluated at the cancer institute in houston. he tweeted this to his wife,
3:45 am
thank everyone for their support. a health warning this morning, you're more likely to end up in the emergency room. they don't take the summers off. 50% of alcohol reported er trips involved budweiser. two other brands topping the list, colt .45. and pabst blue ribbon, you're okay. and bud light. after starring in one hilarious movie after another, sinbad takes a break. he's here from detroit and to the kirby couch. >> good morning. i'm about maybe two hours on the other side of michigan. people think when you're in michigan all they know is detroit. kalamazoo battle creek. no, you're from detroit. like new york. people don't know about upstate new york and those places. >> glad you straightened this out.
3:46 am
>> in my hometown, i didn't say it, man. >> we don't want the back you up. what was the time off like? >> i did movies and tv they thought i quit doing comedy. i worked every weekend since '83. >> that's right. tomorrow, you're working one night only. >> one night only in the movie theaters. my latest special from detroit is "make me want to holler." the world is so crazy, all you can do is scream and laugh because you can't get too crazy about this stuff because you lose your mind. >> detroit is back in the news and decided their best bet is to go bankrupt. said this is our best move. what does it feel like to have that happen? do you think it's a good move? >> my hometown also got taken over by the government. people have to separate. people of detroit from the politicians that destroyed the city. >> look at this. >> they abused it so long. people's spirit is strong.
3:47 am
the people will make it. sometimes when a force burns down it comes back stronger. as long as those people have the spirit they have and midwest work ethic, they'll be okay. >> do they still have it? >> yeah. >> we used to work out together at a place called body by -- 25 years? >> '83, '82. >> sinbad was just on the way up. you have had a crazy trail between 25 years ago and you right here on this couch. >> with the pinnacle working with steve. >> back then it was gym trunks and just coming up. i wore the tight just coming in. i was in them too early. i was ahead of the curve. i was in he hindsight too early. a year too early for me. >> you were on the way up and you made it to the top and you then had some trouble, bankruptcy. >> understand, i had a company, loic donald trump.
3:48 am
mine was a person was a company. ahead a big production company. i hung on to my people too long. i kept saying we'll get one more movie and make it work and it didn't happen, i said, dudes, i can't recover. that's what happened. now i downsized everything. now, you don't hao, with technology, i wish it had been around when i first started, you don't have to have all this stuff. a building and machines and 22 phone lines. now, iphone. >> laptop. >> my iphone. you don't need that. >> you don't need that. >> no, you don't. >> just need the iphone. >> just the iphone. >> sinbad where the name comes from? >> the sold sinbad shows, eye of the tiger. worst special effects ever, i thought it was so cool and i wanted to be that guy. >> you are that guy. do you have writers? >> if you work with me you become a writer. i steal from your life. i steal what you do. my kids, my wife, everything
3:49 am
that happens in life is what i talk about. >> he's a one man institution, sinbad enterprises, you call him on the phone, he'll answer, hello, sinbad enterprises. >> i did answer my own with fake machines and voices. >> we want to talk to you about something going on in the headlines right now. the detroit police commissioner talking about expanding their men on the street starting to do stop-and-frisk. what do you think about that? >> they already stop-and-frisk. they're just making it legal now. police already stop whothy thank is suspicious. it gives them more leeway to, i think, abuse the power. i call my friends back in detroit police officer working in the sheriff's department said, dude, we have a lot of lawsuits now. >> do you think it is racial profiling? >> it is, i say racial profiling, hispanics in and blacks in inner city in new york, kids walking around have that look america is scared of, they look suspicious.
3:50 am
it could be a college kid or person going to work. you don't know. >> is it racial profiling or neighborhood profiling. people in new york are saying they want it. >> people said they want it because it's their kid. they say they want it. when it's their kid, my kid is a good kid. he got caught up in the whole profiling. they thought their kid would they thought their kid would >> i don't know if it's working. >> steve: you look at statistics. >> if i grab all the apples, i'm bound to get good apples. if i grab everybody, is it really helping crime or crime is what it is? good liver, man. you pay attention. if you're a good police officer, you do good work, you don't stop and frisk everybody. >> steve: you got to pay action. tomorrow night, go to the movies. >> brian: great to see you. always great for action. fastest walk we've ever had. coming up, have you ever told your parents, i'll never do this to my kids? it turns out we all eventually
3:51 am
become our parents and it happens at a certain age. >> steve: i got to know that number. >> anna: we've got the best back to school gadgets at a great bargain. don't go anywhere. you're watching "fox & friends" love, warmth. here, try this. mm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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>> anna: 54 minutes after the hour. here with deals and steals on pricey tech gadgets, we just need to have our tech expert, cassie, give us some tips for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> anna: the first thing is groupon. they expire quickly, so you got to be watching your e-mail box. >> right. one of the big trends this year is the daily deal web site e-mails like groupons.
3:55 am
right now they sent out one that was great, $329 for a toshiba satellite, typically over $500 and television sets that are cheap. so it's really important. it's a sign-up for the groupons and jump on them as quick as you can. >> anna: apple is giving out a lot of gift cards. >> yes. if you're a student and you get a computer or mac, you get a $100 itunes gift card from apple. if you buy a tablet or phone, you can get a $50 itunes gift card. they have special pricing for faculty and other students. >> anna: students, faculty and staff getting a good deal with microsoft adds well. >> yes. if you sign up with dot edu e-mail, get discounts. this is a windows rt. they're really pushing this. you get $100 off the windows pro right now. this is great because it's versatile, comes with windows rt. this is a microsoft service. students can pop in different colored key boards. maybe you want black or switch
3:56 am
it to blue. this is a tablet so you can do word processing on. it's great 'cause it has that keyboard. >> anna: dell has a $200 gift card. >> for $699, you spend on a computer, this is the latest. this comes fully loaded, so you need everything to start at $549. $200 off for 699 and higher. that's very good discount. >> anna: we have a few seconds left. hp has gift cards? >> yes, depending on how much you spend. google chrome book is also $20 off at wal-mart. this is the samsung chrome book. that's great if you want to go a different direction than the typical pc. >> anna: thank you so much for your time. you can find all that on our web site at 56 minutes after the hour. coming up, are you looking for a good paying job? look no further. really, stop looking, because we'll show you 35 states where welfare pays more than minimum wage. plus, we've told you about the
3:57 am
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>> anna: it's wednesday, 21 of august, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen. i can see. >> brian: i don't know if that works. okay okay. >> anna: this is what we have coming up for you. a promising 22-year-old athlete knocked the gun down -- shot did you know by three teen-agers who were just bored. >> brian: look for a good paying job? look no further 'cause the government has got you covered. 35 states, welfare pays more than minimum wage. why even look for a job then?
4:01 am
>> steve: justs sit on your couch and watch us. ever told yourself i'll never act like my parents did? this morning the science is in and you will act like your parents and we got your act age. what do you think it is? "fox & friends" hour two for this wednesday starts right now. >> steve: is it that geico ad, you're happier than a camel on hump day is this. >> brian: yes, it is. i wish geico would get some commercials together. >> steve: they're funny stuff. >> brian: they are really. >> steve: a witch in a broom factory. >> brian: that was the latest one. we have a lot to discuss today and a ton of guests to come your way. >> steve: we got two hours of information that starts right now. >> anna: we're going to get to your headlines. in a couple of hours, students from a mass shooting in georgia yesterday will be heading to
4:02 am
class. the children were running for their lives. this morning a first look at the suspect. 20-year-old michael brandon hill. he reportedly slipped through security. now we're hearing from the school clerk who was being hailed a hero this morning after she talked the shooter into surrendering. >> he had a backpack full of ammunition. he had all of the magazines in his backpack. some of them was in his pocket. i had him to empty everything, put the gun on the table, took his wallet off, everything. and told him to lay on the floor and then i told the police that he was giving himself up and i talked him through it. >> anna: brave lady. hundreds of parents eager to be reunited with their kids waited at a nearby wal-mart as school buses pulled up. tears flowed. he was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, terrorististic threats and other charges. almost every click you take, the nsa is watching.
4:03 am
an exclusive report in the "wall street journal" reporting the nsa can access 75% of internet traffic. according to the report, the agency filters traffic at more than a dozen places and in conjunction, companies. you may remember last week the nsa breached privacy rules thousands of times each year. the nsa, though, says the program is legal. today private first class bradley manning will learn his fate. in less than three hours, a judge will announce his sentencing for leak hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. prosecutors are pushing for a 60-year sentence. manning's lawyers say that's too harsh and the judge shouldn't, quote, rob him of his youth. 259-year-old soldier was -- 25-year-old soldier was convicted last month. do you have a sneaking suspicion that you're turning into your mother or father? a new poll out revealing your right. the age we become our parents? just 32 years old. here is the reason for it.
4:04 am
more than half surveyed said they already had their own children by that age and that changed everything for them. that means now they suffer from lack of sleep, complain about things way too much and how much everything costs and have no free time. so e-mail us. what do you think. at what age did you become your parents or say, i'm never going to? >> brian: i want details. what are your parents doing that you're doing. >> steve: i remember exactly, 'cause i was like that hypothetical person, i'll never become my parents. i remember the first time one of my kids ran in the street, when i yelled at that person, sounded just look my dad. >> brian: one thing i never used and my mom always used, i'm going to brain you. i never use that. i just remember that. >> steve: hit you in the head? >> brian: i'm not sure. >> steve: or make you smarter. >> brian: me and my brothers, we would go to schwinn and buy helmets. i'm not sure. this is such a disturbing story that we're discussing and i cannot believe this is one of those movies that you hope not to see.
4:05 am
in oklahoma, a 22-year-old college student named chris lane visits his girlfriend. he decides to go for a jog after. australian, it turns out he randomly gets shot in the back by three teens. there at the time, 15-year-old, 16, 17. the reason will infuriate you. >> anna: basically they just said, we were bored and that's why we did it. they admitted to it, but these are allegations still, innocent until proven guilty. but 15-year-old, 16-year-old who allegedly pulled the trigger of the .22 caliber revolver, in jail with no bond. and 17-year-old michael jones, allegedly the driver and in jail on a million dollars bond. >> steve: extraordinary. that kid from australia was running down the road jogging after he visited his girlfriend. they run by the house where these three thugs is what the
4:06 am
prosecutor called the young man in court. runs by them, they say, let's go kill him. they went out and they did just that. >> brian: right now let's go to jesse jackson and al sharpton. >> steve: the live shot? >> brian: every time something like this happens, they always weigh in. so let's go to them. >> anna: oh, wait, we don't have it. why not? because they haven't come forward and said anything. are they going to? will they? should they? >> steve: we heard a lot f them during the trayvon martin situation. allen west tweeted, quote, we were bored and decided to kill somebody. three black teens shoot white jogger. who will president of the united states identify with this time? excellent point. i wonder when celebrities are going to put on i am chris lane t-shirts? >> brian: like jamie fox? >> steve: exactly. you think that stuff is going to happen? e-mail us or is there once
4:07 am
again, as we have talked about many times, a double standard regarding things like this? >> brian: there was an arbitration report after the benghazi hit on 9-11-2012. they found out that it did not go to the upper echelon when is it turns out responsibility of the investigation of who was wrong, who dropped the ball, who did not act to save our guys that were in the fight for their life, four of which would lose that fight and who was responsible for not having security there and not initiating a response. when it came, they focused on the state department. it wasn't the secretary of state. it wasn't the undersecretary. it was four mid level employees there. they were told, listen, we find you're responsible. this is a arbitration report put together by admiral mullen and thomas pickering. these are the four that were told hand in your badges. don't come to work. this is the report everyone refers to as the template from what went wrong and anybody there who hears clear of this report is going out for pure
4:08 am
politics. >> steve: so those four were placed on administrative leave. hillary clinton said at the time, if i could fire them, i would fire them. well, now fast forward to john kerry, secretary of state. he yesterday said, okay. you know what? you didn't do anything wrong. come on back. get your job. isn't that convenient? a lot of people feel that they were scapegoats. victoria toensing will join us. here is trey gowdy talking about what happened at the department of state is simply to help hillary clinton become our next president. >> i think it would be more accurate to call the accountability review board's work the hillary for president board because near as i can tell, the only thing they tried to do is insulate her from any criticism whatsoever. there has been no accountability. >> steve: so the only four people who lost their jobs were the four people who were murdered in benghazi. now darrell issa, house
4:09 am
oversight committee, pledges an investigation to figure out exactly who is responsible. somebody's got to be responsible. >> anna: somebody's got to be responsible and a lot of critics are wondering where the accountability is in this and was this a charade to make it seem like the obama administration was really taking this thing seriously, instead, waited for it to blow over and waited for one secretary of state to come in for another, and now john kerry, it's on his watch. so definitely we'll be continuing to watch this. >> brian: thomas pickering, a former ambassador, he said, quote, we fixed responsibility at the assistant secretary level, which in our view, was the appropriate place to look. with the decision making -- where the decision making takes place. if you like the rubber hits the road. john kerry said i looked at this and i don't find them culpable. so what is right? is the report right or is john kerry right? they both cannot be right.
4:10 am
>> steve: the report is a white wash and you know what? all they're doing is spinning for hillary. you talk to sean smith's mother, she says watch out. here she is, pat smith. watch out for hillary. >> i still see pictures on that tv of bloody fingerprints on the wall thinking, are those my son's? people of the united states, hillary doesn't give a damn about you! what can i do? what can i do on this? i'm just at a loss for words. i want to know what happened, why my son is dead, who ordered that, and i don't want it to happen again to other people. >> anna: these are real people with real lives who lost their lives and their family members are still surviving, having to deal with the aftermath and going to bed at night not knowing what happened. terrible. >> steve: it is. it's now 7:11 in new york city. 7-11, good place to get a job. come to think of it, why get a job, because in 35 states, you
4:11 am
can actually make more money if you're on welfare because in addition to state welfare, there are also something like 126 different programs where you can get money. take a look. 35 states where you can make more money on welfare than working. take a look. if you are lucky enough to live in the state of hawaii where the minimum wage is 7.25, through all the welfare programs, you can actually draw 29.13 an hour on welfare. dc, 24. massachusetts, 24. connecticut, 21 bucks an hour. why work? >> brian: i thought we reformed welfare. if the crew listens to the show, and we don't know if they do, they might leave because they're getting paid more than most of the people in the studio. this is incredible! 13 states welfare pays more than $15 an hour. that's absolutely crazy. at a time in which states are
4:12 am
squeezing their budgets dry. herman cain, who knows what it is like to work on greta. >> the poor are worse off under this administration based upon just one statistic, the number of people that are now on food stamps and the number of people that have gone on food stamps in the last four years is twice the number of new jobs that are being created. >> steve: coincidence? probably not. cato institute suggests if you're serious about reducing welfare dependentence, reward work and strengthen the work requirements, remove the exemptions and narrow the definition of work. right now it's too broad. remember, go out and get a massage, that would count. >> brian: by the way, cato, a wonderful partner if you're fighting crime. am i right? the man who helped ed snowden expose the nsa now a government target. our radio all stars are first time ever assembled here to
4:13 am
weigh in. they sit close together. >> steve: it's like the mount rushmore of radio. >> anna: this is getting awkward. >> brian: getting? >> anna: remember this ad where david beckham was stripping down? there he is. oh, yeah. well, he's doing it again. we've got the steamy new commercial on "fox & friends." >> brian: i thought he retired. too big. too small. too soft.
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okay google now. call my droid. the new droid ultra by motorola. when strength matters, droid does. (announcer) at scottrade, our clto make their money do (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade... ranked "highest in customer loyalty for brokerage and investment companies." >> brian: the nsa leak scandal highlighted how much the power of government has when it's trying to silence journalists. yesterday we learned glenn greenwald has become somewhat of a government target after his partner was detained and that the u.k. government forced the
4:17 am
guardian to destroy all of its nsa files. so is this what happens when you expose government wrongdoings or were they actually taking illegal documents across from one country to the next? joining us now for the first time ever assembled, fox news talk radio all stars playing the role of john gibson, john gibson. allen colmes and tom sullivan playing wide left. >> welcome to liberal in the middle. >> brian: let's tackle the first topic. john gibson, glenn greenwald, who worked with -- we know he worked with snowden to expose all that information that he stole now gets his partner detained and this guy got some equipment taken away and some dvd's and cd's. >> if greenwald wanted to smuggle the information from berlin to rio, which was the way this deal was working, he should have, as a good investigative journalist, figured out his partner would get caught and not fly through london. if you're smuggling this
4:18 am
material around, the brits may grab it. so i don't feel the least bit sorry for him. by the way, since snowden has become a russian rock star -- stooge, i'm not so sure i like any of these guys anymore. i was glad to hear what they're doing. i was glad to find out. but they have compromised themselves. >> brian: he's taking his information that he got from snowden, he's making a profit off of it. >> we don't know if there is profit being made. tell me, what piece of information came out that's been so danieling? can you name anything? i don't know what it was. >> i'm with alan. what national security secret was leaked other than the fact they're spying on you? >> brian: absolutely. >> that's the whole point. >> brian: the obama administration, as we move on, has missed about half of its obamacare legally imposed information deadlines. this is a big unwielding mess. even the obama administration who wrote it can't implement it.
4:19 am
>> not true. number one, thanks for trying. but look, the fact is -- >> brian: get it done! >> nine of those incidents where they haven't funded it is because congress did not fund nine of those things. the other issue is i.t. issues where contractors -- you know how contractors work, didn't get it done. >> you can't defend this! >> the key part of the law is being implemented. >> i'll tell you something, the republicans are making a huge mistake. they need to back away from this thing and let it ride. let it ride and say -- >> i don't understand exactly why this big defund effort is going on when it appears to be collapsing of its own weight. >> exactly. let it fall down and let the ruins gather around. >> they tried 40 times. the 41st time is a charm. >> brian: they only tried five times. meanwhile, this ugly scene, it's hard to believe this is happening in this country. but three teens gunned down a
4:20 am
22-year-old baseball player who after visiting with his girlfriend, just wanted to go for a run in oklahoma. he's out of australia. what do you have to say about this? three black teens shoot a white baseball player and where is al sharpton? >> come on, this wasn't about race obviously. they were bored. >> brian: they said they were bored. >> they were bored, that's all it was. had nothing to do with black or white. >> there is no evidence it's about race. when -- >> it's normally because they're asked to come in. they don't just -- they're not ambulance chasers. they're asked to come in by families because african-americans are underrepresented in our government. they don't have advocates. so it's good you have people like jackson and sharpton to do that. >> sharpton can't raise money on this. >> brian: if you've enjoyed this at all and i know you have and learned a lot, you can get more, first time ever. all star summit between 12 and 2
4:21 am
and we'll be on the "fox business" network on saturday at 7 and sunday at 10. guys, you'll play yourselves. >> i'm flaying john gibson. >> brian: good to see you. straight ahead, nidal hasan yelled allah akbar. but it's not terrorism. he's not an extremist. what kind of case is this? the great outdoors... ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to nice bear. ooh that one! nice.
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>> steve: time for news by the numbers. first, $184 million. that's how much tsa screening equipment collecting dust in a warehouse is worth. next, more than $681,000. that's how much the air forceent men look stronger when they're carrying a gun. didn't we know that? 890,000. that's the not so impresssive number of people who watched oprah winfrey's interview with lindsay lohan. more than 3 million watched her
4:25 am
interview with lance armstrong. that was a big number. over to you. >> anna: the prosecution has rested its case against major nidal hasan and today the accused shooter in the fort hood massacre may take the stand when court begins in about three hours. kriv reporter ford atkinson is live in fort hood, texas with more. good morning. >> good morning to you. this may be a day of historic proportions if we hear from nidal hasan. on the other hand, this could turn out to be essentially a nonevent. he does take up his own defense today, as you indicated. the prosecution rested yesterday. but hasan has told the judge that he is not going to call any witnesses. the judge has told him if you're going to say anything, you're going to have to say it from the witness stand. you're not going to be able to make statements. you're not going to be able to make speeches. you're literally going to have to get on the witness stand, ask yourselves questions and provide
4:26 am
the answers. of course, those answers would be subject to cross-examination by the prosecutors. so it is really unclear what, if any, defense nidal hasan is going to put up today, assuming he is convicted, i don't think there is anybody on earth who doesn't think he won't be convicted. then during the sentencing phase, that is when the judge has offered him and the prosecution some leeway into talking about motive, in which case he might go into his philosophy. but right now it appears his defense today will be very short, perhaps he will rest immediately. we simply do not know. back to you. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. keep in mind, mr. hasan, who is acting as his own attorney, has previously referred to himself as a mujuhadin and switched sides. yet the judge in the case, judge
4:27 am
colonel osborne, is now banning any evidence that would prove that he had jihadi motives. >> brian: that really screws up not only one thing, his incredibly unthinkable that that would be okay, that of course was no reference to al-qaeda when he said i am from al-qaeda, that's what i'm fighting for and i want to be put to death and become a martyr, yelled allah akbar before he started the shooting. now this also messes up the men and women who have taken the bullets and who survived because this is workplace violence. they don't get purple hearts. they don't get combat pay. they don't get disability. they can sue civilly, effectively, because workplace violence is a whole new category as opposed to victim of terror. >> steve: but they've already filed a suit in civil court against this guy to claim what he did was terrorism. they would get all that stuff that you were talking about. they'd wind up with purple hearts, with commendations and
4:28 am
also higher benefits. but instead, look at the evidence that the judge will not allow. >> anna: yeah. part of that is e-mails between major nidal hasan back in 2008, i believe, with anwar al-awlaki, who is known for recruiting people to al-qaeda like this. the judge is saying he's not wanting to do this -- the judge is saying that this should not be allowed in because it would be a distraction as well. and critics are going, are they just concerned that there could possibly be an appeal? is that some sort of justification for why this could be done, because the family members are outraged about it. >> steve: we're outraged about it. >> brian: absolutely. here we are, coming up to the bottom of the hour. when we told but the dangers of lead in lipstick, that's not the only beauty product that should have you worried. what you need to know next.
4:29 am
steve, take notes. >> steve: and ladies, remember this ad, david beckham stripping down to his scivies. well, we've got the new commercial coming up. cover your eyes, brian too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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♪ >> anna: it's your shot of the morning. this dog doing everything in his power to get out of taking a bath. >> steve: they always do. >> anna: look at this! he's playing dead. he has to drag him into the bathroom. what you're about to see, the dog goes right into the water. [ laughter ] >> steve: i don't think the dog likes the tub. you think? >> anna: baxter does the same thing. >> steve: your dog. >> anna: he's 100 pounds yellow lab. i try to get him in the bathtub and he gets really stiff. >> steve: does he play dead or hard to get? >> anna: he likes to play hard to get. >> brian: you never let baxter watch "anchorman," right? doesn't he get punted? >> anna: but he also ate a whole wheel of cheese.
4:34 am
>> brian: but he survived, didn't he? did baxter survive? i think he does. it's always a happy ending when it comes to news. >> steve: are you having one of those short attention span moments again? >> anna: possibly. [ laughter ] >> steve: what happened? long show. >> anna: 34 minutes after the hour. we're going to get to your headlines. brand-new autopsy report revealing michael hastings took a mixture of drugs when he was killed in a firey car crash. the results showed he likely took both marijuana and meth methamphetamine before the crash. they said he had been sober for 14 years. family members said he was relapseed. >> brian: mom wants the state to close a daycare after one of the workers used social media to make fun of her son. the worker posted this photo of ethan on stain gram, mocking his
4:35 am
delayed speech development. he wasn't alone. a picture of another boy appeared saying he looked like a character from the movie "cars." his mother is furious. >> if that's a joke to you or something you think you should tease about, that's not a job for you. that's how bullying start. that's how children become bullies and become insecure and that's how -- that isn't anything i want for ethan. >> brian: the daycare center says both employees have been fired. social services still investigating. >> steve: a store clerk in connecticut is in critical condition this morning after he tried to stop thieves from stealing david hasselhoff ads outside the store. there is the hoff. as he tried to stop the thief, he was hit by their car. they got away. police now using surveillance video to try to track them down. don't hassle the hoff. >> brian: what is the promo? >> steve: maybe it's just him. >> anna: i'm going to start this
4:36 am
one out as long as we can. >> brian: why, a soccer story? >> anna: david beckham's modeling career is going strong. he is right here stripping down to his underwear. i'm a little distracted here. the new ad for hnm. >> brian: he really put weight on since retirement. a shame the way he let himself go. david beckham, there he is. >> steve: 24 minutes before the top of the hour. this morning, a british tourist is in critical condition. her foot severed after a cab jumped a curb right here in new york city. wnyw reporter robert moses is live here in manhattan with the details on what happened yesterday in the big town one block from where we're sitting. robert? >> good morning to you. the next time people try to tell that you new yorkers are not friendly, i want you to point them to this story because boy, this story sure proves otherwise.
4:37 am
let me step out of the way and show you exactly where this cab hopped the curb. you can see part of the planter is destroyed following the crash. the cab hit a tourist from england who had just arrived in new york city on monday. a police source told me her left leg was severed below the knee. but again, this is a story about strangers. some famous, some not, jumped into action to help a stranger. there were vendors in this area who brought ice to try to preserve her limb. also dr. oz, a well-known doctor who has an office here, came over to help. and then there is a plumber named david who used the most ordinary of objects to help save this tourist's life. >> i put it around her leg, held it as tight as i could. >> there was a dog leash and a belt. two mundane things you wouldn't think of, but they saved her life. we've all heard him. joe the plumber, now we've all
4:38 am
heard of dave the plumber because he is a true hero in this story. as for that cabby, he was issued a summons. his cab company was issued two summons. this tourist remains in critical condition at a hospital in manhattan this morning. that is the latest live from midtown, steve, anna, brian, back to you. >> brian: it's crazy. we've added all these bike lanes and you have so many bikes in the city and a lot of people -- i'm not saying it's any excuse for what happened, but a lot of people don't know where they're going in new york city, which is intense to drive let alone navigate on a bike. >> steve: here is the thing, according to the bike guy, it was road rage and -- >> brian: against him. >> steve: yeah. and it's extraordinary that that particular guy, who had nine points on his license and the driver said yeah, i don't remember exactly what happened. why was he behind the wheel of that cab? as robert said, he was issued a summons that said he was not authorized to be driving a cab yesterday and i was right there -- right on that spot five
4:39 am
minutes before. >> brian: how unbelievable is it that dr. oz is across the street, the one doctor with the tv show? >> steve: that woman was so lucky that he was there and also the plumber with the belt and there was also a dog leash that wound up saving her life, both used as tourniquets. >> brian: and the brother said my brother hit the gas instead of the brake. >> steve: there will be an investigation. >> brian: anna, you have something important to share with us. >> anna: yeah. they're letting me do the make-up segment. do you really know what's in your beauty products that you're using every single morning? startling study is revealing most lipsticks contain traces of lead and eight other types of metals. what do we need to know? we've got the safe cosmetics and environmental advocate and the author of eco glamorous and is with us now. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> anna: i didn't realize that the f.d.a. does not regulate
4:40 am
cosmetics. >> no. it's like the wild west. we like to think the government would protect us from toxins, but it's not the case. >> anna: this one, we've heard before, but it's really making headlines this morning, lead in lipstick and also in men's coloring products? >> absolutely. the study just came out from uc berkeley who found everything from cobalt to magnesium to heavy metals we're ingesting every day. >> anna: a lot of them can cause serious issues with us, too, right? >> absolutely. a lot have been linked to certain types of cancer, skin irritants and upper respiratory issues. >> anna: the next thing is parabins. that's in all kinds of things we use every day. >> absolutely, everything from our moisturizer, to even in baby shampoo. those things are preservatives. however, they have been linked to and mimic estrogen. so those increase and change our hormone level. >> anna: and this can cause problems with skin, too, right? i heard that from dermatologists saying a lot of times you need to look for products parabin free. >> absolutely.
4:41 am
be diligent about checking the labels and not getting products with that. >> anna: for mal dehide in baby shampoo. >> it's a known cancer causing chemical. the biggest issue is that it's supposed to be a disinfectant. even small trace amounts can be effective. the reality is that it can also trigger asthma and cause upper respiratory issues. >> anna: something in baby powder, but i didn't realize there was a problem with that one? >> talc is a cousin to asbestos. so even asbestos-free talc there have been no studies. >> anna: you've got this beautiful glittery make-up on and everything. there is a web site you can plug in all of your beauty products to see what's inside? >> absolutely. the environmental working group actually has a database called skin deep. if you're not sure what's in your products or sure what ingredients are linked to what
4:42 am
disease, plug in your products and it will let you know everything you need to know. >> anna: you have recommended brands. >> i love alima pure. it's an amazing nontoxic skin caroline and silky pure and, which he radiance. >> anna: all right. thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> anna: 42 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends," who what's got the better bargain? surprising results of a brand-new price check. that's next. and then a lot of you got all fired up about this from yesterday after winning a contest at his local library five times in a row, this reading list was told to step aside. he's coming up live with his mom. we love this kid!
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
>> brian: quick headlines. everything is supposed to be cheaper on-line, right? wrong. new study comparing 30 different products bought on-line at
4:46 am and bath and beyond found items at the brick and mortar store were 6% cheaper and that's before coupons. and are they not all they're supposed to be? a teacher in new york put his class to work and oreos to the test. double stuff oreo, 1.86 times the amount of cream and the mega ones had 2.68 times the regular oreos. tomorrow snickers, we work on nugget. >> steve: what can we believe? believe this, nine-year-old tyler weaver just won his public library's reading contest for the fifth year in a row. but instead of patting him on the back, head librarian wants to change the rules so other kids will have a chance. joining us right now, tyler and his mom, katy weaver. good morning to both of you. >> hi. >> steve: congratulations. tyler, how many -- every year your local library has a contest to see which kids can read the
4:47 am
most books. how many did you read this year to win? >> 63 books. >> steve: you read 63 books over what period? >> three weeks. >> steve: that is amazing. i've only read three books in that period. so this is the fifth year in a row that you've won, right? >> true. >> steve: all right. and what is it you like so much about reading? >> well, i like to learn something new. >> steve: you do. and i understand you've read at least one book about each of the 50 states, right? >> yep. >> steve: what a great kid you have raised. congratulations. >> thank you. >> steve: okay. so fifth year in a row, you heard through the newspaper that the library director had a problem with your son winning every year, year after year. >> yes. i had called meg at the post star -- >> steve: your local newspaper. >> local newspaper. i wanted a picture of him buried in the sunday paper. so meg called the library director and that's when all the
4:48 am
comments came out and that's how i found out that they weren't happy. >> steve: what were the comments? well, the public library director up there in hudson fall s said that this young man right here, tyler, hogs the contest every year and he should step aside and that other kids quit because they can't keep up. how does that make you feel, mom? >> very angry and disappointed. >> steve: why? >> because tyler worked so hard for it. he deserves it. he should deserve praise and he should be rewarded for it and my other son came in second place. people should be proud of them! >> steve: absolutely. apparently what the library director wanted to do until it became a big story in your local paper was she wanted to put all the names of all the kids in the program into a fish bowl or something like that and pull out a winner, right? >> yes. we disagree. >> steve: well, yeah. the winner is the winner. >> the one who worked for it. >> steve: that's right.
4:49 am
>> you work for it. you don't get it by luck. >> steve: you did work for it and not only did you work for it, but you gave up other things to do it. you could have been doing other things at the time, but you set aside special time to read 63 books, right? what would your message be to the library director? >> all i want is a apology and explanation for why they thought that i should stop reading to let other people -- to have a chance to win. >> steve: sure. absolutely. well, it's an interesting story. are you going to go ahead and do it again next year if they have it or hog the contest again? [ laughter ] i got a feeling if they do it, you'll be there, right? >> that's right. >> steve: all right. tyler and katy weaver, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> steve: congratulations and congratulations to your brother
4:50 am
who came in second place. what do you think about that? e-mail us. meanwhile, does this sound familiar? your kid plays video games all the time and can't tear them away. is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow's diagnosis is coming up next. first on this day in history back in 1989, richard marks, friend of this program, "right here waiting on you" was the number one song all across america. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. need a little kick? backflips and cartwheels.mile? love, warmth. here, try this.ittle kick? backflips and camm, ok!s.mile? ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats.
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>> steve: are those voices in my head or yours? it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow once a
4:54 am
week and he joinses from bean town. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. how are you? >> steve: doing okay. >> good. >> steve: he thinks we're hourly, too. here is the first e-mail, obsessed with video games. my son is a sixth grade students who plays video games every day. he's obsessed with them. he plays up to ten hours a day. does this obsession make him normal or nuts? >> listen, it's not normal. it's nutty. this is no different than if your son were using any other drug ten hours a day and the fact that you have to ask about it shows how much these video games have pervaded our culture, become so pervasive. what is your son anxious about, avoiding? is it he depressed? what's going on 'cause he's treating himself with a drug. >> anna: e-mail number two, a brother-in-law and exact change. my mother-in-law finds it necessary to make sure that my father-in-law starts off each
4:55 am
day with only one quarter, one dime, one nickel and three pennies in his change holder. what do you think? is this normal or nuts? >> steve: i can answer this. >> you think she's controlling? she's nuts! number one, 43 cents is not enough to live on. that's one thing. that's crazy. number two, he's a little crazy for carrying one of those little plastic things that opens in the middle like a mouth. those are outdated. but thirdly, this woman thinks that if he takes the change with him, everything will be okay. her marriage could be crumbling, her kids could be angry at her. if he's got the 43 cents, everything is okay. no, it's not. this is called ocd. save up enough to come to my office. >> brian: here is the last one. a mom, stay at home. i hate house work and i hate running errands. i have three sons and feel so unmomlike because i would rather work than be a full time mom. i love my children, but i'm ambitious and have my own personal goals. am i nuts? >> anna: this is tough. what do you think? >> how is that unmomlike?
4:56 am
that's my question. you're normal. and you know why you're a good mom? because your kids get to see you not only taking care of them, but fulfilling your passion. if you didn't do it, you might well be depressed. so there is really no option here. you can't fake it. i'm sure you're not neglecting your kids. you're following your passion, too. they get to see their mother do that. good for you. normal. don't come see me. >> steve: very good. you're the doctor, but do you have a sore throat today? you sound a little scratchy. >> listen, i like to say that when i'm at 80%, i'm as good as most psychiatrists at 100%. what, i should have canceled? >> steve: no, no. you came to play. dedication. he's chewing us out now. >> you don't love me anymore. >> steve: we love you. >> okay. thank you. >> i do have a scratchy throat. i will take care of myself. >> steve: thank you, dr. cranky. >> you're welcome. >> steve: coming up, before you
4:57 am
log on to your computer this morning, you'll want to hear this. the nsa spying on more than they've admitted in the past. brand-new details live from washington. >> brian: and look out, yep. above, a truck. huge deer and an overpass. what happened? nothing good.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> anna: we hope you're doing well. it's wednesday, the 21st of august, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen this morning. they killed for fun. a white athlete murdered by three african-american teen-agers who told cops they were just bored. do we expect al sharpton and jesse jackson and the president to weigh in on this one? >> steve: don't hold your breath. a disturbing new details on the benghazi investigation and how one of the victims' mother has a message for americans. >> i still see pictures on that tv of bloody fingerprints on the wall thinking are those my son's? people of the united states, hillary doesn't give a damn about you! >> steve: hear more from the
5:01 am
mother of somebody killed that night. >> brian: there is a bear scare across the country. seven attacks in a few days. is anybody safe? what are you suppos do? scream? should you kick? should you play dead? the myths and the facts that could save your life. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: one of the things about the bear story is in addition to the fact that we have bears in our backyard, is the fact that we had on yesterday a young woman who took advice that she saw on a disney channel show that flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but it saved her life. so we got somebody who knows all about bears, going to tell you the stuff you need to know. >> brian: play dead? >> steve: play dead, is what they said on the show. >> anna: that's what she did. she had been attacked twice. what are the odds of that happening? that's nuts.
5:02 am
>> steve: find out, very necessary bear information coming up. if you live in bear country. >> anna: news headlines, at this hour, students who escaped the potential mass shooting in georgia yesterday heading back to class. brand-new video showing the first kids being dropped off at a nearby high school. officials saying they hope the new location is only for just a day. this morning a first look at the suspect, 20-year-old michael brandon hill who snuck in behind a parent checking in at the front office. now the school clerk is being hailed a hero after she talked the shooter into surrendering. >> he said he hadn't taken his medication and that he was going to die anyway and that he was okay with dying and that he was going to kill all the police officers and that he wanted me to know that he was not going to hurt me. >> anna: hundreds of parents eager to be reunited with their children waited at a nearby wal-mart as school buses pulled
5:03 am
up. tears began to flow. he was charged aggravated assault on a police officer, terrorististic threats and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. a road rage dual between a taxi driver and bike messenger ending in horror when the cab jumped the curb, crush ago british tourist. it happened in midtown manhattan. dr. oz, who has an office nearby and two other men rushed to help the woman who lost her foot, unfortunately. they fashioned a tourniquet for her leg before paramedics arrived. >> there was a dog leash and a belt. two mundane things you wouldn't think of, but it saved her life. we were able to stop the bleeding because you don't have much time. >> anna: the 23-year-old remains in the hospital in critical condition. as for the man behind the wheel, records show he had nine points on his license. police issued him a summons because he was not authorized to drive that cab. while you were sleeping, a destructive wildfire on the outskirts of yosemite national
5:04 am
park grows and shuts down the main highway into the park. it destroyed residences and buildings. 200 senior citizens were evacuated from a nearby camp. the cause of the fire is under investigation. this is fire fighting costs around the country reached a billion dollars. check this out. >> buddy, buddy. [ laughter ] >> anna: what happened in russia too tall to make it under that bridge. it's captured by a dashboard camera. >> brian: didn't russia bring us the crane swing? now they're knocking deers under underpasses? >> steve: give them some smart phones so they can play games. i like brian's comments, you didn't hear it at the conclusion of the last segment where they ran that promotional tape. brian goes, was that a real giraffe? >> brian: i didn't know. they're adorable if it is.
5:05 am
>> steve: all right. it's about five minutes after the top of the hour. here is the hot topic all across america. we're going to put up a picture of 22-year-old chris lane, an australian playing baseball down in oklahoma. that is him. he is dead. he was murdered by three teen-agers down in oklahoma because they were bored. they randomly picked him and tracked him down and killed him for the fun of it. extraordinarily, james francis edwards junior, one of the fellows who you just saw in the mug shot, screen left, apparently, you know what that guy did? he danced and laughed as he was carted off to the police department. >> brian: they're all charged. they'll be prosecuted as adults, it seems. and why shouldn't they be? evidently there could be somebody else killed because on facebook, one of these guys posted a something that said, two drops in two hours. so there might be somebody else who was shot. as far as christopher lane,
5:06 am
22-year-old, white guy shot by three black teens, arbitrarily, why was he shot? that didn't stop jesse jackson and president obama and al sharpton from weighing in. >> anna: we're still waiting. >> brian: that's all -- it isn't in yet? wait a second. maybe they're not weighing in. >> steve: you mean where is the al sharpton rally? he's so good at starting rallies for people. >> brian: like duke lacrosse nonrape story. >> steve: absolutely. so what do you get? wind up with crickets right now. we do also have -- brian you mentioned the facebook of one of the young men charged with this guy's murder. we also have an image from a vine video where apparently one of the suspects is handling a gun on camera with a big smile. there he is. that's james edwards, junior, 15 years old. >> anna: this happened east
5:07 am
central university. the australian guy, if we can show his picture, he had gone out for a run. he had been visiting his girlfriend, he was from australia on a baseball scholarship there in duncan, oklahoma. his family is missing him this morning. >> brian: eastern central university. feel bad, especially all the way here from australia. fox news talk radio all stars were just here. they have differing opinions on this. they weighed in on the story that we've been leading with all day. >> this wasn't about race obviously. they were bored! they were bored. that's all it was. had nothing to do with black or white. >> there is no evidence it's about race. when -- >> other than the -- >> it's normally because they're asked to come in. they don't just -- they're not ambulance chasers. they're asked to come in by families because african-americans are underrepresented in our government. they don't have advocates, so it's good you have people like jackson and sharpton to do that.
5:08 am
>> sharpton can't raise money on this. >> steve: good comment by mr. sullivan. allen west tweeted this: we were bored and decided to kill somebody. that's a quotation from these guys. three black teen-agers shoot a white jogger. who will president of the united states identify with this time? once again, probably crickets. >> anna: the disrespect for life, where does this come from? what is our society coming to when kids will do this because they're bored? i hate to even accuse video games of anything either in all of this, but we just heard -- and keith ablow, one of our e-mails is that their child is playing video games for ten hours a day, what do you think that does to your child's head when they're shooting people for ten hours a day? might lead to something like this. >> steve: where are the parents? meanwhile, almost every click you make on your computer and your smart phone, the nsa is watching you. a shocking new report revealing even more troubling information about the spy agency. elizabeth prann live in dc with
5:09 am
the very latest. they're watching us. >> yes. good morning. you may be surprised to hear the scope of the surveillance network at the nsa. according to the "wall street journal," the agency has the capacity to access three fourths of all u.s. web traffic. the programs were all designed to capture suspicious information activity on the web, specifically communication that either originates or ends abroad, but in doing that, because this program is so vast, the nsa could be picking up your e-mails and your web trail. a former top intelligence official quoted in the article says, it's a very complex filter system that takes place at dozens of major internet junctions within the u.s. but critics of the program say any dragnet surveillance or mass data collection is poisonous to the freedoms of americans. >> for example, when they use the word collect, they don't mean what you and me might
5:10 am
ordinarily use that word to mean, which is that the physical acquisition of information. the nsa thinks of collection as being the later review of that information. and to them, acquisition at the front end is very different from having an analyst review it. that's when the collection takes place. >> two sides to every story. in the published report, the nsa defends its practices saying in part, the program is legal and respectful of americans' privacy. the agency also writes, if american communications are collected, there are, quote, minimummization techniques approved by the u.s. attorney general to protect the privacy of united states persons. but remember, just last week an internal nsa audit showed the agency did breach privacy rules while storing unauthorized communication knoxs of times over and for years. brian, steve, anna, back to you. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. that's right. the government just trust us, we're not doing anything wrong. really?
5:11 am
well, talking about transparency, you know with the irs scandal where lois lerner apologized that the irs was spying on conservative and tea party groups and freedom groups and patriot groups, she apologized -- of course, she's still drawing her government salary. as it turns out, when asked for the irs to go ahead and turn over -- it was supposed to be mid-level people in cincinnati. it was much wider. let's see the training materials. the irs will not release them. karl rove knows why. here is what he said. >> the fact that the irs refuses to give them these training materials is a sign -- the training materials showing how a nonprofit application will be accepted or won't be accepted. i mean, this is a cover-up. there is no ifs ands or buts about it. >> brian: we're not getting to the bottom of it. i'm not sure -- i know they're on vacation now, but where is the pace of this investigation in people are losing their attention because it stops.
5:12 am
it gets heated, then goes away. >> anna: the group that's doing this is a nonprofit group called tax analysts and they've actually won a lot of lawsuits against the government under the freedom of information act since 1985. they've filed suits 15 times. maybe they'll have a little better luck than we've had to getting to the bottom of this. i don't know if we should bank on that either. >> steve: no kidding. here is something else we need to get to the bottom of. coming up, disturbing details on the benghazi investigation and one of the victims' mothers has a message for americans. >> people of the united states, hillary doesn't give a damn about you! >> steve: more from sean smith's mom coming up. >> brian: then have you ever told your parents, i'll never do that to my kids? it turns out you are wrong. science has pinpointed the exact age you turn into your mom or your dad. e-mail us with your stories before we reveal the science behind it.
5:13 am
>> steve: we're at that corner too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. new creamy alfredo soup. wit's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill, and that's why we use angie's list. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time with honest reviews on over 720 local services. i want it done right. i don't want to have to worry about it or have to come back and redo it. with angie's list, i was able to turn my home into the home of my dreams. for over 18 years, we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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5:17 am
to work. we're going to reassign you, but you did nothing wrong. these people were scapegoats, weren't they? >> four framed employees, i call them. they were put on administrative leave, if you remember, as a result of the arv report, the accountability review report headed by tom pickering and admiral mullen. if you remember the white house touted it as being unsparing and rigorous. well, it was neither, steve. it was a corrupt cover-up to protect hillary clinton and why was it corrupt? because they were not thorough. there are all kinds of people they didn't interview. they made false statements and framed four state department employees to take the blame away from the higher ups. they did not interview hillary. they did not interview her top deputy for security, pat kennedy. now, those are the two people that made the major security decisions. can i give you an example of the security issue and how the irb
5:18 am
did this? it is undisputed that ambassador kratz asked for increased security. chris stevens asked for it when he took over in june. my client, greg hicks, asked for more security beforee left to go over there because of conditions on the ground. and guess what the arp report said? the pickering cover-up, tripoli did not ask strongly enough for increased security, but two paragraphs later in order to frame the four employees, you know what the same report says? security was inadequate despite repeated requests from the embassy for increased security. you can't make this up. >> steve: and you as well feel look, this arb was headed by mullens and pickering. they're not investigators. rather than record the people, they had a note taker. then for instance, your client was not allowed to review the secret report and so -- by the
5:19 am
way what, is the status of your client, greg hicks' employment with the department of state? >> he's still in limbo. the hero of that evening and the person who testified so magnificently in front of the house committee is still sitting in limbo. >> steve: yeah. somebody who else is sitting in limbo is pat smith, the mother of sean smith. here is what she has to say about what's going on there now. >> i still see pictures on that tv of bloody fingerprints on the wall thinking are those my son's? people of the united states, hillary doesn't give a damn about you! what can i do? what can i do on this? i'm just at a loss for words. i want to know what happened, why my son is dead. who ordered that? i don't want it to happen again to other people. >> steve: victoria, does seem to many as if the whole report and everything else has been a cover-up for barak obama and hillary clinton and other higher ups and that's why they have the
5:20 am
scapegoats. >> and what does it matter, steve, huh? what does it matter? do you remember when hillary was so adamant in a hearing and said that unsatisfactory leadership is not a cause for people being fired and i'm really sorry about that and let's get new legislation to do that? now these people are being brought back. let me tell you something, they're being brought back because there was no evidence against them and kerry had to deal with the aftermath. what was he going to do? but i can assure you, and nobody has told you what position they have right now, right? nobody knows. they're not going to the equivalent of what they had when they left, but they brought them back in, so they couldn't fire them because they couldn't fire them, hoping that bringing them back will silence them and they will not talk about it. >> steve: somebody who knows more than just about anybody about this topic, victoria toensing, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, an intern drops dead and doctors say it's from pulling an all nighter at work. actually maybe three all
5:21 am
nighters. details straight ahead. and there is a bear scare across the country. seven attacks in a few days. what are you supposed to do, scream and kick or play dead? we separate fact from fiction straight ahead ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. apply cold therapy in the first 24 hours. but not just any cold. i only use new thermacare® cold wraps. targettemp technology delivers a consistent, therapeutic cold to stop pain and start healing. new thermacare® cold wraps. a better way to treat pain.
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5:24 am
>> brian: quick headlines. fox news just confirming vice president joe biden's son is being evalued at the m.d. anderson cancer center in houston. the delaware attorney general tweeted this photo with his wife thanking people for their support. in california, five years ago, promised big tax breaks to new small businesses. a court ruled the breaks were unconstitutional. now california wants the businesses to pay back taxes.
5:25 am
some as much as $200,000. no wonder everyone is going to texas. >> anna: 25 minutes after the hour. believe it or not, bear attacks are on the rise all across the country. >> steve: and the advice out there right now could be completely wrong. we spoke to a 12-year-old girl yesterday attacked by a black bear right here on "fox & friends." >> i played dead. >> steve: you played dead. where did you get that information? >> from austin and ali from disney channel. >> steve: man. that is the advice that some experts say is the last thing you should do. but in your case, it actually worked out. >> yeah. it did. >> steve: man. >> anna: so what would do you if you came face-to-face with a bear? let's ask outdoorsman steven ranella. good morning. >> good morning. >> anna: you said you should go like this, believe it or not. >> i would love to -- she's alive, she's talking to us. so that's fantastic. but conventional wisdom holds -- first of all, one of the
5:26 am
better -- when approached before the attack, look big, make a lot of noise. >> steve: show us an example. stand up and show us. >> this is a time proven thing. hey, this kind of thing, like don't mess with me. i'm an assertive presence. >> brian: you're in a bad mood. >> steve: but not just hey, you're supposed to make a lot of noise for a while. >> be authoritative. >> steve: show it. [ laughter ] just hey? >> i could run you off. >> steve: kind of scary. >> command it, have a loud voice and do not run. if you run, conventional wisdom is if you run, you might show a predatory response. we have two kinds of bears, grizzly and black bears. we have far, far more black bears and far more places than grizzlies. it's generally -- people generally accept the idea that a black bear attacks you, it's a predatory action. that black bear recognizes you as prey. he's coming to get you. in which case the playing dead
5:27 am
thing isn't necessarily smart 'cause that's his end goal, is to kill you. the grizzly bear, they have a thing where they do like a defense attack. you scare the bear. you might be between -- >> brian: you walk in on the bear. >> like i don't like you. you're making me nervous. i'm going to swat you down. if you're in that kind of attack, and these things are difficult to assess obviously in a real situation. in that kind of attack, it's advantageous to play dead. if you're like this, protect the back of your head and neck and hope that she's just trying to neutralize that threat and when she's done, she will leave. >> brian: when do you realize the playing dead is not going well? >> steve: when they're chewing on you. >> anyone in these situations, making the real time calls. if you feel this is not ending, i'm getting bit, this is not working, if you're able to think clearly still, i would think punching the bear in the muzzle. punching the nose. it's most irritating. >> brian: just pop them. trash talk them.
5:28 am
and tell them there is more where that came from. >> steve: one of the problems a lot of people in my neighborhood have, we have a lot of black bears going through the trash. so just let them go through the trash, right? don't try to run them off? >> that's what most people would recommend. that's what i would recommend. i'm often in situations where i'll be camping and hunting and we might have meat from hunts and that will draw in bears. in those case, we'll typically run them off by doing what i was showing you, by being loud, arms up, coming at them. >> steve: wooden spoon on a pot. >> brian: they say pepper spray is good, mace? >> they have done an analysis on all bear attacks on humans. it seems as though pepper spray -- >> brian: there you are. >> there is my signature move. it seems as though pepper spray is more effective than a firearm. >> steve: good. >> it's easy to use. if you're carrying it on your belt. it's easy to use and the other thing is if you make a mistake with pepper spray, it's not
5:29 am
going to be the end of the world. you can put a cloud out and that cloud, doesn't need to be aimed as carefully. you might get some in your eyes, your friends might get some, but the bear is going to get it in his eyes. >> brian: but if you have your silly string. >> that's been proven to really irritate bears. >> brian: 'cause it's silly. >> anna: it does seem silly that we're even talking about this. but you've seen a lot in your neighborhood. this poor girl was attacked twice and survived. >> brian: what are bears afraid of? can't we get somebody to scare away the bears? is there anything they're scared of? >> i think there is underlying things here in a long-term sense. we have suburban sprawl and increasing bear populations. i think we're seeing frequency in this. you can check next summer how many we'll have. >> brian: we'll continue to watch "meat eater" on the partsman channel and we'll have you back. is that okay? great to see you. thanks for your signature move. >> watch out for bears.
5:30 am
hey! >> brian: coming up. >> anna: accused terrorist involved in september 11 now having a meal meltdown in court? why he's demanding certain condiments. >> steve: you swore it would never happen. now you find yourself acting exactly like your parents. it happens at an exact age. what do you think it is? e-mail us. we'll share some of your answers and the correct answer coming up too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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♪ >> anna: he is working it. time for your shot of the morning. this is grandma. she's busting a move. 83-year-old woman caught on camera dancing behind the stage at a rock concert in seattle and at one point during the dance, she even attempts some pushups here. >> brian: wow. >> anna: was that really her? >> steve: i would think so. >> anna: wow. >> brian: i feel better if she bent her arms. [ laughter ] >> anna: why is that, brian? >> brian: i'm not sure? >> steve: so we call those pushups. [ laughter ] congratulations. she's in good shape. she's got the beat.
5:35 am
>> brian: i don't know if anna is a better dancer than me. when an 83-year-old is a better dancer than me, that kind of hurts. >> anna: 34 minutes after the hour. on to your headlines this wednesday morning. the man who could have been the 20th hijacker on 9-11 having a meal meltdown in court. he was the only one of the five suspected 9-11 terrorists who attended the hearing and he took the opportunity to complain to the judge that he isn't getting olives and honey with his lunches. he says that's psychological torture. he was allegedly going to hijack one of the planes on 9-11, but was denied a visa some four times. >> steve: a 21-year-old bank of america intern dropped dead. possible reason? he reportedly worked around the clock shifts for three straight days. he was an undergraduate student at the university of michigan. he was reportedly found by his roommate in the shower of his london apartment. former employees at bank of
5:36 am
america say interns regularly clock up to 110 hours a week. >> brian: what? >> steve: there will be some sort of an investigation. >> brian: it continues to survive his own political scandals. but that's not stopping charlie rangel from throwing political stones. he said he would be ashame to do introduce elliott sitser as a colleague. spitzer resigned as governor after admitting he paid a high end escort for sex. congressman rangel, on the other hand, just was censured on the floor for fail to go pay his taxes and even though he was the head of the ways and means committee, he was in charge of overseeing that we pay our taxes. the latest poll has spitzer leading by 16 points. governor cuomo and spitzer don't get along. he does not want to see him back in the government. >> anna: i've got something. do you have a sneaking suspicion you're turning into your mother or father?
5:37 am
a new poll is revealing that you're right. the age we become our parents, just 32 years old. so here is the reason. more than half surveys said they already had their own children by that age and that changed everything for them. that means they don't suffer from lack of sleep and complain about how much things cost and have no free time. >> steve: so here is what some of you had to say. bill said, i remember it was like it was yesterday, i was 40ish. i shouted to my daughter, what is that noise! turn down that noise! you call that music? yep. bill, you became your dad. >> brian: karen said this, i think it happened for me when i first said, quit running with the scissors. you'll poke your eye out with that. i like statistics on how often that really happened. that's true. how many people poked their eyes out with scissors. >> steve: many warned. >> anna: kyle from texas said, as a teen i remember justifying to my parents why i wanted to go to my friend's party by saying that everybody is going. to which my mom and dad would reply, you're not everybody. move forward a few years and
5:38 am
there is my teenage son asking the same question before i could stop myself, i respond with, you're not everybody. you know something? mom was right. >> steve: what goes around comes around. >> brian: here is the thing, it might turn out your parents are right and later in life you become right. >> steve: that's kind of what will rogers said once upon a time. >> brian: whatever happened to him? >> steve: he's got a statue in oklahoma. >> brian: he passed away? >> steve: yes. all right. meanwhile, we've been talking about obamacare. we know it was supposed to bring down the cost curve. but we know in reality it's turned the cost curve the wrong direction. the affordable care act unaffordable. now there is news that a big company where the wardrobe is brown is not going to insure spouses of many employees if they actually can get their health care elsewhere. in other words, if some of the spouses for ups employees work for another company and has health care elsewhere, they better take it 'cause they're getting cut off by ups.
5:39 am
>> anna: this company is so well-known for taking care of their employees. that's one of the reasons people want to work there is because of the incredible benefits. they don't get doors. but anyway, there is a reason for all this. rising medical costs. here is what the memo from ups said. combined with the cost associated with the affordable care act have made it increasingly difficult to continue providing the same level of health care to benefits to our employees at an affordable cost. so we've heard a lot about businesses hiring a lot of part-time workers, which makes -- when we're adding jobs, it makes it seem like there is more, but it's part-time. they're keeping them at just under 30 hours. we've heard about that. but this seems wild. the way the health care law is written, you have to cover employees and their dependent children. but spouses aren't included. >> brian: it seems like the law is a disaster and nothing is working. so many delays and deadlines are
5:40 am
missing. a loft republicans say we have an idea. back off. let the thing implode or you'll get blamed for the reason. you could be the reason. mark levin has a different reason. he joined sean hannity last night and talked about it. listen. >> these french republicans are always surrendering. the fact of the matter is, if they're not going to use the power of the purse to at least attack the discretionary funding, they're not going to use the power of the purse in the house to pass a continuing resolution that funds part of the government but not this part of the government, what's left? once this thing is instituted, it's not going to implode. i hear this, oh, the law is going to implode. have you ever heard of an imploding law? >> steve: no. but so far the act has seemed to have imploded on what was promised to all of us. >> brian: he's on the camp that says defund it, stop it, shut down the government. this is the very issue we're going to be debate not guilty a couple of weeks because everyone goes back to work and they got to get a budget passed. >> steve: let's see what
5:41 am
happens. >> anna: here is what's coming up 20 minutes 'til the top of the hour. nidal hasan yelled allah akbar before opening fire on soldiers at fort hood. now a judge won't allow evidence that shows jihadi intent. how will this impact his fate? >> brian: then. >> steve: remember this infamous moment between kanye west and taylor swift? >> i'm really happy for you. i'm going to let you finish, but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! one of the best videos of all time. >> steve: oh, brother. well, this morning she just did something that might ignite the fight all over again. swift news straight ahead, take two. ♪ my doctor and i went with axiron,
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>> steve: quick headlines for you. the georgia high school hanging a sign that read "god is dead," now reversing course this morning. a big victory for the people of faith. the school has pulled that controversial artwork down that we told you about. taylor swift still cracking jokes about that time kanye west stormed the stage at the mtv music awards. >> taylor, i'm really happy for you. i'm going to let you finish. but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! one of the best videos of all time! >> steve: who invited him up there? meanwhile, singer ed shearen posted this picture of a jar of jam taylor made for him. it included this dig at the rapper that reads, yo, ed, i'm really happy for you and i'm gonna let you finish, but this is the best jam of all time. swift and west expected to
5:46 am
attend the mtv awards this sunday. brian? >> brian: he screamed allah akbar before gunning down 13 people and wounding so many more at a texas military base. the judge in nidal hasan's case just barred evidence that could establish his intent, his jihadi intent. now that the prosecution has rested. how is this going to impact his fate? here to discuss that for us, congressman tom rooney. this guy considers himself a member of al-qaeda. we have correspondence with one of the heads of al-qaeda. he screamed allah akbar. why isn't that a factor in this case? >> the judge wants to try to keep this case as simple as possible. i disagree with it, but she's trying to avoid any room for somebody to come back, whether it's right away or years later, with an appeal that she was too prejudicial in allowing evidence that got into the whole jihad movement and his terrorist tendencies or whatever. i don't think she'll be able to get away with it because once he
5:47 am
does take the stand and he starts talking about jihad and his role in this -- what his role in the world is, then he really opens the door and the prosecution, the government in this case, the army, will be allowed to cross-examine him on what he talked about and i'm sure that this guy is going to talk about jihad. so she wanted to try to preserve the record as much as possible when the army was presenting their case in chief. but when he takes the stand, i guarantee you all bets are going to be off. >> brian: it's unbelievable because i feel bad for the victims especially. number one, they're victims and they're survivors because this is workplace violence that affects their payout and benefits and affects the fact they don't get purple hearts. so all this plays into it. workplace violence, don't bring up jihad. don't bring up the fact that he wants to be considered a terrorist. it defies logic to think you're open to appeal! >> well, the government has been overly politically correct, i think, from the beginning. we suspected some members from
5:48 am
the fort hood area and myself suspected that this possibly could happen. so we introduced legislation that said, look, fine, army, if you don't want to call this an act of terror. if you want to call it workplace violence, great. that we disagree with that. but at least the victims should be treated as if it were an act of terrorism and they should be able to get the benefits that they need and deserve with this guy who is clearly a participant in the war on terror, so much so that the guy he was communicating with we thought was bad enough that we put to death. >> brian: it's going to affect the civil case. when you have a criminal case that is devoid of this issue, then you try bring that up civilly, you're going to have a hard time getting traction, which again affects the victims. >> that's true. i mean, you're absolutely right, brian. when we simplify things in the court marshal system, it's to try to preserve the record so there is less things that can be
5:49 am
appealed. but at the same time, we're also limiting what we've learned and what we've garnered from that criminal case. but again, i get back to the thing, i think that he is going to want to be on display and show his bonafides as a true jihaddist and plus this is relevant i think in sentencing when you're talking about what was going on in his mind, what was he thinking, any first-year law student will tell you that you have to have an act and the depraved heart, which is why i think it should be part of the progression's case. it's got to come out in sentencing. i think it will come out in his case here shortly anyway. >> brian: congressman, you deserve credit. you and others are getting together legislation that would have the government classify this incident in a way in which it's going to benefit the victims. thank you very much for joining us. we look forward to the. >> thanks for staying on top of this. >> brian: coming up, having your first child scary enough.
5:50 am
imagine delivering it 6,000 feet in the air. we'll introduce to you this little girl, her marine dad and mom next. first let's check in with martha mccallum who i have not seen in a while. >> good morning, brian. so another crime today that makes americans shake their heads and wonder, what is going on? three teen-agers shoot a 22-year-old ball player out of boredom? we have new details on this that we'll talk about. burning churches and brandishing islamic flags over them. marching nuns through the streets. the reality of what's happening in egypt at the top of the hour. we'll see you then [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta,
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>> steve: fox news alert right now. private first class bradley
5:54 am
manning arriving moments ago at fort mede in maryland. he was brought quickly into the building, guided by two security officers. he's expected to learn his fate one hour from now for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the wikileaks. the biggest leaking story in the history of the u.s. army. about an hour from now. >> anna: big news. 6 minutes before the hour. this little girl you're about to see couldn't wait to make it into the world. she was born while mom was on the way to the hospital. here is the twist. she was taken to the hospital by helicopter. here to hair their story, staff sergeant josh, his wife lisa and newborn daughter, courtney rose. congratulations to you guys. thanks for being with us on "fox & friends." >> thank you. >> glad to be here. >> anna: tell us, we'll get to the helicopter in just a second. but you're initially feeling like maybe you have something going on with my kidneys or something. my daughter is not supposed to be born until september and this is july 31. paint the picture for us.
5:55 am
what happened? >> well, yes. she was actually due september 5. so the day before i had gone to work, worked all day. kind of had a little back pain, nothing abnormal when you're pregnant, you expect those kind of pains. but that night it just got a little worse. the next morning when we woke up, getting ready for work, i told my husband, i was like, i don't feel right. he's like well, what do you want to do? should we go to labor and delivery, get checked out? i was like, part of me really just wants to go to work. we were all supposed to go out for lunch that day, so i was looking forward to it. i'm really glad i listened to my body 'cause we did end up going into labor and delivery about 7:30 in the morning and by 9:45 that evening, we had our beautiful daughter. t maybe it was a kidney infection or kidney stones. they were checking me for different things. >> anna: i guess you missed the birth because you were on your
5:56 am
way to another lace and meanwhile, your wife is giving birth in the close quarters of a helicopter. how do you feel about that? >> you know, the only thing i kept saying to myself was, don't miss the birth, don't miss the birth. you know, most of my friends missed their births 'cause they're deployed. i can at least say my daughter was born 6,000 feet in the air. but it's been an amazing experience. i'm just happy that my wife and child are both amazingly wonderfully healthy and safe. >> anna: yeah. congratulations to both of you again and we're so happy that she's healthy, too. thanks. have a great day. 4 minutes before the hour. we've got more "fox & friends" three minutes away. don't go anywhere.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
look at all that news we had today. tomorrow regis philbin is back on television. we'll ask him about this picture right there, one of the greatest moments in his life. a young brian kilmeade. [ laughter ] see you. martha: a chilling story out of oklahoma. two teenagers charged with murder, a third with accessory. 22-year-old christopher lane on a baseball scholarship in oklahoma, he's from australia. the teenagers admit they did it. listen as they try to save this young man. >> they are on the way.

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